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Welcome to Learn Thai

Fast Track Thai is an online tool for learning Thai language. It integrates vocabulary trainer with dictionary and learning material. Fast Track Thai can help you learn Thai more effectively by taking advantage of the following learning techniques:

  • Focus on core vocabulary. A relatively small set of words accounts for the majority of spoken Thai. We have analyzed and ranked thousands of words, so that you can learn the most useful words to express yourself.

  • Feedback via spaced repetition tracking. Fast Track Thai detects words that you have forgot, and collects them for recap. You will always know how many words you master and can easily follow your progress.

  • Making it fun to learn Thai. Taking a quiz feels like playing a game, and seeing your vocabulary grow is very rewarding. At the same time Fast Track Thai eases the effort by making your learning more effective.

For beginners and casual learners, this is an ideal tool to take your Thai language skill to the next level. Instead of learning isolated phrases, you can quickly learn to speak Thai with a small but expressive vocabulary.

For advanced students, spaced repetition is a powerful technique to memorize a large vocabulary. Integrated dictionary makes it easy to manage words, giving you a fun and effective learning tool.

For more information, see our FAQ or read How to Learn Thai Quickly. To get started, login with Facebook, or try it as guest: